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The Function of Rail Pad

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The Function of Rail Pad

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 The Function of Rail Pad 

  Rail pad is a kind of rail fasteners used between the rails and the Tie Plate, and it is usually made of elastic polyurethane mat. It is usually used under the rails and above the tie plate. Rubber rail pad can buffer the shake that the vehicles pushed on the tie plate and protect the tie plate and the sleeper from abrasion and impaction and prolong the service life of other fasteners. 



The Function of Rail Pad 

· Distribute the load that the wheels pushed on the rails with a larger elastic surface.

· Reduce the noise and diminish the shock that trains hitting on the rails and improve the comfort of the passengers.

· The elasticity of rail pad can decrease the vibration that rails pass on the fasteners and the roadbed.

· The use of rail pad can decrease the abrasion of rails and prolong the service life of rail track and other rail fasteners.


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