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Elastic strip

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Elastic strip

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Detailed introduction

Elastic strip: Through bending and twisting deformation, the buckle pressure acts on the track to ensure the reliable connection between the rails for a long period of time, to maintain the integrity of the track as much as possible, to prevent the rails from moving longitudinally and laterally and to ensure a normal track gauge. To ensure the safety of rail vehicles.

Type: Elastic clip TypeⅠ、TypeⅡ、Tyepe Ⅲ

Material: 60Si2MnA、60Si2CrA

Other introduction: Our company's elastic clip type I, type II and type III fasteners passed the review of China Railway Product Certification Center and CRCC certificate. With an annual output of 12 million. The use automatic furnace tempering to ensure the stability of product quality. To test quality with fatigue testing machine and universal material testing machine.

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