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Railway gauge plate

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Railway gauge plate

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Detailed introduction

Railway gauge plate: Fasteners on 1435mm standard railway gauges as railway fasteners.

Specification: 6#、10#、14#、20#

Material: Q235

Length: 7 meters or as your requirement.

Main features and performance:

1. Applicable to standard gauge railway straight lines and 50,60 kg/m rails and prestressed concrete pillows, prestressed wide concrete pillows, and integrated track beds with linear radii R greater than 300m;

2.When installing, for the straight section and the curve R greater than 650M section, the nut torque is controlled at 80-120N.m, in the radius R is less than 650m, the nut torque is controlled at 120-150N.m;

3.By inserting the top elevation of the raised rail, the maximum height adjustment is 10mm;

4.The gauge is adjusted by a combination of different types of gauge baffles and baffle seats. 50kg/m rail adjustment is -8~+16mm. Different lengths can be customized.

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