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Corner section steel

Corner section steel

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Detailed introduction

Corner section steel: professional manufacturer of hot rolled corner section steel,construction efficiency improved,mechanical property meets standard EN10248. Also with better sealing up result,which could be recycle used,durable and environmental protected.

Material: Q345、S355、Q390、Q420 etc.

Length: 6m、7m、8m、9m、10m、11.8m

Range of application: Matching with Hebei Jinxi steel sheet pile、Nippon steel sheet pile and Ruima steel sheet pile.


1.Building foundation pit support

2.Dockside wharf support

3.Retaining wall

4.Breakwater diversion dike bank

5.Piers sealing up cofferdam

6.Temporary Island base

7.Pipe ditch support

8.Municipal foundation excavation retaining and protection

Customization ability: Hongyuan Wheel now has one provincial technical center with various testing and inspection equipments,more than 100 technical personnel and equipped with automated 5 precision hot rolling mills, hongyuan is specializing in steel rolling over 40 years,products are currently widely adopted in domestic China market and exporting to Europe, USA, middle east,Southeast Asia etc.

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